“You want speed, go alone. If you want to go far, go in a group.” This is our Crowdfunding. A way to walk together!


We guide and assist your Institution/Organization in fundraising


Mentoring in the Preparation and Development of Projects of any size for any area.


Mentoring in Monitoring the Whole Accountability of your Agreements


Consultancy and assistance throughout the process of executing your agreements, up to Accountability Final.


Together we are stronger. Mixed together we are unbeatable!Mauro Mesquita


Doing volunteer work is believing that love for others is stronger than love for things!


O Ingesto is made up of a group of people who are completely passionate about what they do. Help organizations find the path to excellence.

All of our Mentoring, Consulting and Advisory services are carried out in a VOLUNTEER.

We specialize in Third sector, and we offer all the support and expertise of more than 10 years of experience to assist our Partners with particularities and issues specific to the segment.

We work with the highest level of Excellence in Management and Technology Processes to guarantee the Execution of Services and the complete satisfaction of our users.

INGESTO and its Team of Professionals have more than 20 years in the Market and we are determined to create a new MINDSET together with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sector in Brazil, with Transparency, efficiency, public spirit, publicity, ethics and professionalism.
  • Vast experience of professionals
  • Hundreds of projects executed
  • From small to large players
  • Development of own methodology
Empowering Organizations Third sector to achieve efficient management with financial and Sustainability management to develop their missions with quality and efficiency.
Through immersion in process diagnosis and detection, INGESTO develops the growth of the organization as a whole.

The objective of the work is to generate greater clarity and awareness of the flow and the various roles that both the institution of Third sector, O Public sector, as companies that operate in the area of social responsibility occupy in society.

Our values are non-negotiable

EQUALITY: We recognize that everyone is equal, even though they are diverse, and therefore has the right to free organization to fight for this equality. The concept of equality opposes all forms of inequalities, between people, groups or countries, whether of economic, political, social, generational, territorial, cultural, religious origin or sexual expression.
DIVERSITY: We respect the differences given by aspects of life: gender, generational, race/color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disabilities, among others. Diversity is not opposed to equality, on the contrary, they are complementary and interconnected concepts.
Solidarity: We are supportive of the form of relationships between people, groups and countries based on cooperation, overcoming competition, exploitation and hierarchical relationships.
PLURALITY: We recognize the diversity of opinions, ways of life and political positions as legitimate manifestations of the plural nature of humanity and the complexity of society.
AUTONOMY: We are guided by the autonomy of members and Ingesto itself in relation to the State, governments, Churches and political parties. We also defend people's autonomy in their choices regarding their bodies, beliefs, orientation and sexual expression.
TRANSPARENCY: Everyone has the right to universal access to public information, both that produced by the bureaucracy and that of elected/appointed representatives. This same Transparency we defend for the whole of ABONG.
PARTICIPATION: Everyone has the right to action Civil society in decision-making spaces, through institutionalized means or not, through mechanisms of direct or participatory democracy. Participation presupposes the construction of active citizenship.
FREEDOM: We understand that free expression, in an equal manner, of different groups and individuals, as well as freedom of organization, popular sovereignty, political, ethnic, racial, gender and sexual orientation pluralism
Sustainability: We envision alternatives for human and sustainable development that consider equality, social justice and environmental balance for present and future generations. In this conception of Sustainability we include respect for human rights that humanity must exercise and expand.
DEMOCRACY: We believe that all these principles are in the direction of building a true democracy, which goes beyond the formality of electoral processes and which is not reduced to public life. They must be incorporated in all dimensions, giving shape to the Project policy that we defend for Brazil.
HORIZONTALITY: We seek to establish horizontal power relations, respecting differences and diversity, aiming to avoid hierarchizing relationships.

- We defend, support, fight for the promotion and defense of human rights and the Democratic Rule of Law;
- We support freedom of information and independent media;
- We approve the strengthening of democratic ideas and values;
- We sign, encourage and carry out the promotion of Accountability and the Transparency;
- We are committed to strengthening the organizations of the Civil society;
- We seek to strengthen democratic political processes and institutions;
- We provide guidance on civic promotion and education;
- We support Resolution of conflicts democratically;
- We promote complete and unrestricted freedom of association and the Strengthening of a broad market economy.


A dream that is dreamed alone, is just a dream that is dreamed alone. But a dream that is dreamed together is reality.Raul Seixas


Highly qualified multidisciplinary team with over 20 years of experience to assist your institution.


Wisdom is not transmitted, we need to discover it by taking a journey that no one can do in our place and that no one can avoid us, because wisdom is a way of seeing things.

I can only congratulate Ingesto, its technical team and its President for the excellent Partnership. APPD is very pleased!
We wish to develop new products together.

APPD Consultant

Transparency and Punctuality.
Very good.

Aluisio F. Arruda President

Prioritize the relationship with the Customer Sensational Congratulations to the Team!

Augusto Souza Pinheiro Braga Mais da Vida Institution

Contract exceptional highly qualified technical team and professionals. They provide an excellent quality service. Congratulations to all of you.

Jairo Coqueiro Manager Strategic

Thanks for the valuable tips.
Congratulations on your professionalism.

Isaac Surui CEO

Associated Institutions

Together we are stronger. Mixed together we are unbeatable.Mauro Mesquita





Leading company in International and National Fundraising. Individuals, legal entities WITH and WITHOUT Profit!

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3rd Sector Consulting

Completely voluntary consultancy and assistance for the Third sector.



Digital Marketing specialists serving the Third sector with Google Grants



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